Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dr. Oz and intersex

While searching for a job, I do sometimes have the TV on...especially in the morning. I also happened to catch an advertisement yesterday for a program about intersex people, so I caught today's Dr. Oz show on intersex people, especially intersex babies.

A lot of talk show hosts don't get it, and to be honest, it still seems like Dr. Oz only gets a portion of the intersex condition and what comes along with it. He is totally into the medical science, though, so he understands that it is a medical condition...and not a situation where people should be shunned for being different.

While the intersex condition is different from being a transsexual, the two are related. Some intersex people can be brought up as one sex, and then transition to another when they feel comfortable making that decision. They can also live between sexes, but society creates a much tougher path to travel. There are also some that consider transsexualism to be an intersex condition of the mind...where the person is born with a mind that has ambiguous gender.

I tend to believe that transsexualism and the intersex condition are much more related than people think. One is definitely easer to see than the other, but both situations are outside the typical male/female realm and can leave us pondering the definitions of our binary gender system.