Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lift the damn seat

After catching up with Pirates of the Caribbean, and then watching Pirates 2 for the first time, I went to see Pirates 3 yesterday with a friend. Since it's a fairly long movie and I took in a fairly large drink, I had to go pretty bad afterward.

When I first went in women's bathrooms, I thought they were so much cleaner. No more urinals with pee, and boogers, and hair all over them. And even if I had to go #2 in a public place, most guys knew to lift the lid.

The women's bathrooms smelled good, too....well, most of them did. After a while, I started noticing seats that had pee all over them. WTF? Then I realized there is a group of women out there that hover. Yeah, you know...they squat but never touch the seat. The rest of us either wipe down the seat or put the sanitary paper down, but there is one group that hovers.

I'm OK with women that want to hover. It's cool. I realize restroom toilet seats can be kinda gross. What's not cool, though, is when they don't lift the damn seat, thus peeing all over it. Come on ladies, lift the damn seat if you're gonna pull a Harrier on me. The guys can do it, you can, too!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Entertainment Tonight

OK, well, I'm lucky I spelled my previous entry 'Entertainment Tonite'.

Anyway, I got an email about tonight's ET (check local listings) with Alexis Arquette and four other transwomen in some sort of transgender summit. It led me to the ET website, where I saw Donna Rose was participating. She seems to be the only one on there that I know, but now I am only 2 degrees of separation away from Courtney Cox....and 3 from the rest of Hollywood!!!! Muahahahaha!!!!

Well, with any media-focused report, it will be interesting to see how the 4 parter is played out. It starts tonight and run through Wednesday of next week. I should send a note to Donna to see who the chick in yellow is.

On my first side note, and again, information from a friend's email, it appears there is a site called Prosper where people can borrow money from other people. I don't know how the T stuff might fair, but one never knows. If there are no other options, one might look at it for surgical payment options.

OK, this dude at work...(I know, I know...I shouldn't talk about work stuff in here)...basically rejected my draft request to his department due to a lack of information on the submitted item. This information happened to be the only supplier-supplied specifications I could find on the internet. I notify the rest of the team about the lack of into but also send out the information I collected. Two weeks later, another person submits virtually the same specification. During project communications, I see that his draft requests are going through with information I had previously supplied. WTF? I email the dude and tell him that my requests were rejected but this new one is going through...both with almost the same information attached.

I get an email back from him saying he now believes both submissions lack the detailed information, at which time I tell him we are working to acquire it. I stayed professional...but, uuggghhhhh....I was very annoyed for a number of minutes. This guy has given me problems in the past. He's usually a stickler on my submissions...I just thought that's how he always was. If he's less of a stickler to others (perhaps other men)....I dunno, I'm going to be pissed.