Thursday, May 27, 2010


The weather has been a little unusual lately. Typically, once May arrives, there is little rain in the Bay until Novemberish. While the rain is good for our reservoirs, it's not so great for practices at night.

We've had some nasty practices in the rain this year. At one practice, my hands were so cold I couldn't take off my shoes and simply drove home wearing all of my wet clothes with the heater on full blast.

Thus, when the rain came again this week, one of my teammates shows up with water-proof pants pulled up to her knees.

"Those kinda look like old school basketball shorts," says one of my teammates.

"What?" I ask.

"Well, for you, they aren't so old school," she says in reference to my rapidly approaching 40th birthday.

I laughed...well, sorta.

We then somehow got on the subject of the sportswear of the past.

"It was horrible in the 80's...shorts were way too tight," I state.

"What do you mean?" asks one of my many lesbian teammates.

"You could see everything."


At this point I realize I am talking about men's fashion...not women's fashion. The male past blows in on a gust of wind. I try to recover.

"You could see their was just gross. Women's fashion was just fine...well, except for the collared shirts and the poofy hair."

Hopefully my little stray into men's fashion didn't trigger any suspicion, but simply makes her think I was more into boys in my past.


My coworker and I were both headed downstairs to the receiving dock. As we approached, he, like many others I have seen, pressed the handicap button that opens the double doors leading into the area.

"Why do so many people have to press that button when they could easily open the door themselves?" I asked.

"I like having doors magically open for me."

"I have doors opened for me all of the time."

"Yeah, but that's because you have breasts. It's no fair."

A little crude, but I still laughed...and, of course, then we briefly discussed the fairness of it all.