Friday, August 31, 2007

She's back

If you watch FX, you have likely heard of the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They have been running a few promo's lately, including one where the transsexual woman is back. As it is, they have the full episode already on their myspace page.

They had the T character in the first season, but never had her appear this past season. This time, Mac is dating her again...but he doesn't want anyone to find out. This leads to a little suspicion as to what he is doing. The gang then thinks, of course, that he is the serial killer running around loose in Philadelphia...which leads to a number of funny situations.

Unfortunately, they are still emphasizing she is T by having a huge bulge in her pants which Mac obviously sees every time her groin is viewable. The T situation isn't too far from real life that there is a huge stigma around dating a T...especially one that is pre-op.

Besides the bulging pants, it's nice to see this situation where a main character is interested in dating a T. Of course, the T is played, again, by a hot genetic female. It would be nice to see them develop her into a fairly regular character on the show, but only time and their writing skills will determine that.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina slamming into New Orleans. Two days ago, I received a letter from Louisiana's Vital Records. It was a thick envelope, and when I noticed their address in the corner, my eyes got really big. Was this my new birth certificate? Did they finally get through all of the mess from the hurricane and process my request to have the M replaced by an F?

I opened the letter and found a cover letter, along with all of the paperwork I sent them. They'd also made copies of everything and included them as well.

The cover letter did not make my day. I don't have it on me to quote, but it basically said, "We haven't heard from you, so here is all of your stuff back."

WTF? Haven't heard from me? They never contacted me once. Sigh.

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade, right? What happens when life throws you poo? I say throw it back. I called Lamda Legal and got some referrals for LGBT-friendly attorneys in Louisiana. I also looked around online and found some limited information. Now it's just down to finding a lawyer willing to take my case.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Voices from the Past

It had been over a year since I heard from her.

"Guess who is here with me?"

I could only think of one person who would prompt her to ask such a question.


"Yup, she's up here for a few days."

Claire was our social butterfly while she lived her in San Francisco. She was the backbone of our group of GPers that got together fairly regularly.

Most of us went full time, then Claire moved to Southern California. I won't say we lost touch with one another, but we all started to settle back into life. While she was here, though, she managed to get all of us back together again. It was nice seeing everyone again...all together.

With a new friend also about to go through FFS, she was able to join us for dinner and see four faces changed by Dr. O. I think it eased her mind being able to see how we all slipped back into life.

A month or two ago, someone prodded me about Amber’s site. Supposedly it was down. After spotting Amber online around that time, I sent her an IM. It appeared Sianna ran into financial strain hosting hers, anothers, and Amber’s site. Amber said her’s would likely stay off line, but also mentioned that it might return in the future even bigger and brighter than the past.

I have to admit, I haven’t touched my site in over a year...which is quite obvious since the last update was around February 2006. I should update it a little so it’s a little more current. I’ve thought about switching it away from AOL to it’s own URL, but we’ll see...too much other stuff to do.

After running into Amber, she said she had her's up and running again, and was in the process of revamping it again. So, her link is now updated at Enjoy.