Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vroom Vroom

The last time I bought a car was in 1995. That seems like another lifetime. Actually, it almost was, I guess.

The only weird thing with buying my new car was dealing with the credit check. When they pulled it up on the screen, my former name was listed in the "previous names" section. I am so lucky my former first name was so feminine and that they didn't list my middle name along with it. The guy scanning through my credit history even noticed the former name thing but didn't ask any questions about it.

Anyway, I bought a chick car. It's very similar to what I already had but it's slightly upgraded and in a different set of colors. And, yes, I got a little ribbing for owning a chick car when I lived as a guy.

The downside to buying a car, of course, is the payment side of things. I still have a few months to go on paying off FFS, so the car payment and FFS payment will overlap a bit. My old car made it to 171,000 miles, which is pretty good, and through transition without too much extra cost. I thought I would cry when I said good-bye to it, but I didn't. It got me through a lot of life, but it was falling apart and I was starting to worry if everytime I drove more than 10 miles it would leave me stranded somewhere. It got me to California, and that's how I'll remember it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

12 Days until Christmas

Yesterday was one month since the jaw revision. I stopped the pain killers about 2 weeks ago and had no real issues with getting to sleep at night. It took a few more days for my digestive system to get over the side effects, but things have settled back down to normal.

The main issue over the past two weeks is the "tightness" along the incision area. I thought it was due to the remaining "dissolvable" sutures beneath the skin, but Dr. O says it's the scar tissue. I've been moving my lips and jaw to try to stretch it out.

Oh yeah, I visited Dr. O on Monday for my check-up. It could be the last time I see him since I'm not planning on any more bone work. To inspect my jaw, he just ran his finger along the area he cut out. He said it was still swollen. I already knew that, of course, and plan on waiting another 2-3 months to see the final result. He also said he cut out about 3mm along that portion. That's about 1/8" for those still not using the metric system. (I visited with a few friends at Cocoon before heading back to work.)

My relationship is kinda unique right now. About 1.5 months ago, she called to say she was too busy to date, and didn't think it was fair that I was only able to see her once a week. She called again about two weeks ago to say she was less busy...and thus, we've gone out twice since then. She is still very busy, but since she's still interested, I'm seeing where our relationship will go. She's a very attractive woman and we share a similar interest in athletics. She, like me, though, also has a competitive side...which I like. Did I mention she's hot, too? We've chatted here and there about the T-stuff, but it hasn't been a huge issue. I think it allows for that common bond to form...where we both have dealt with coming out and accepting who we are.

OK, well, I'm still trying to decide on a new car. I think I have it picked out, I just have to find time to sit down and buy it. It's still hard saying good-bye to something that, if you added up over 170,000 miles, I've spent 4 months in over the past 13 years. Unfortunately, my car is dying. I was hoping to get 200,000 miles out of it, but it would take a lot of money to keep it functioning. I still have about $6,000 left on my FFS loan, so the car got me into a nice position to have everything paid off soon.


The whole ENDA thing created a small rift between numerous LGBT organizations and the transgender world (I stopped using "community" as its use tends to bug a lot of people). I would say Donna Rose's departure from HRC was probably the most symbolic and influential of these rifts. Now, it appears, something good has come from that departure. Her and Jamison Green have formed a partnership called Transeducate. They even have a website, although it is quite in its infancy. Their partnership plans to delve into what both of them have been working on for years...transgender issues in the workplace.

Unlike them, I have mainly talked at schools and universities. To me, it seems like the workplace would be a tougher place to speak to individuals...although, I'm betting the two are totally separate forums and topics that are really hard to compare to one another.