Thursday, April 14, 2016

Post-Op Day 2

I slept OK last night, but still woke up a bunch of times.  The pain was manageable, but I probably should have requested more pain killers in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I just feel bad getting the nurses in the middle of the night.

My nurse was in early this morning and removed the IV port.  That was basically the first thing to go that was hooked into me.  I still have drains, the catheter, labial sutures, and the packing that will come out over the course of my stay.

After the IV port was out, my nurse showed me how to cap the catheter (the same as I did 11 years ago), and then I was mobile.  While I was up and walking about my room, I decided to wait until my wife was there before we did laps.

Meg also stopped by this morning and took a look at the surgical and graft sites.  She noticed that I had small blisters from the tape.  That seems to be my only thing right now.  Hell, I don't even have any bruising.

After breakfast, I started having gas and very slight pains in the stomach.  Is this a sign that I'm going to poo on day 2?  The first time that I was here it felt like forever until I went poo.  Sure, enough, though, I went poo four times today.  They were relatively small poos, but the stool softener did well and I just kinda let things happen on their own.  Gravity did well.

My wife made it in slightly before midday and we did a few laps throughout the time that she was here.  I only did one lap at a time before coming back to the room to rest.

Tonight, I told my evening nurse that I wasn't getting the sleep that I got with the pain pump.  She asked if I wanted two pain pills.  I said, "yes," of course.  The pain pills are down and I'm having one of my chocolate covered oreos before I jump into bed.  Hopefully it's a good night's sleep.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had to go through that, but thanks for sharing your story.