Sunday, April 17, 2016

Post Op Day 5

Just a note...NSFW below.

I walked over to Starbucks again this morning, and, like yesterday, I was exhausted when I got back.  If I go slow, I feel pretty decent.

Well, the recovery ward is empty.  I'm the only one here, but yet, when I went past the nurse's station, there are still two nurses here.  I figure it's facility rules to always have at least two here.  At least they have a light load today and tonight, but I'm sure that surgeries will start up again tomorrow morning.

Yum...Culinary Festival!
I took a picture of how things look so far (see below).  I have the usual catheter stuff coming out of the sewn up labia, but I think the labia is sewn up to keep the packing in.  Dr. Meltzer said he was going to slice along each side of the interior vagina and then use skin from the stomach to graft into the back portion of my vagina.  You can see that my skin is very sensitive and doesn't like tape.

Fortunately, though, I was able to avoid the booty blisters this time.  They put one of those large pads underneath me, but it has a plastic layer, as well.  I think the plastic layer retains or reflects the heat back at me.  I think it is what caused my booty blisters previously and started to warm me up this time, too.  I kinda push it to the side, especially when sleeping, in order to keep my booty blister-free.

This afternoon, the wife and I walked to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival here in downtown Scottsdale.  They had some food booths out, and this one rib joint smelled delicious.  I had a small plate of ribs and they totally hit the spot.  It made me wonder if the protein cravings will kick in after surgery.

Round 2 of the catheter.
It was hot out, but we walked slow.  I took along some water because of just how hot it was, but the festival gate people asked me to leave it behind.  When I showed them the hospital band around my wrist, that I just had surgery, and that it was water to keep me hydrated, they let me in with my water.  I'll take it as a small victory.

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