Saturday, April 16, 2016

Post Op Day 4

With my wife pregnant and a natural sleeper, she doesn't make it over to Greenbaum very early in the morning, but she does usually get me a morning tea.  This morning, though, I decided to walk over to the cafe on my own.

It took a while to get across the street and over to Starbucks, but I made it.  Doing laps around Greenbaum's second floor the past few days have definitely helped get me ready for my first big venture out again.  I was exhausted when I got back, though.

During my later laps today, the nurses have also informed me that I will be the only patient tomorrow as everyone is checking out.

It's interesting this time...I haven't really run into anyone in the recovery rooms and I only brought along my wife this trip.  My stay is also 2-3 days shorter than the average stay for SRS.  Previously, I had at least one friend here with me or chatted and hung out with some of the other people that were recovering.  This time, I haven't talked to anyone else.  It's kinda lonely since my wife only makes it over for a few hours during the day.  Surprisingly, though, the days seem to go by fast.

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